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Experience in playing sicbo is the deciding factor in a player’s winning rate in any game portal. Sicbo has a simple gameplay but still many people do not understand the key points of the game to win many valuable rewards. The following article from 188jili will help you find the most effective and easy way to play to win money.

Introduction to the game sicbo

Introduction to the game sicbo
Introduction to the game sicbo

Before finding effective experience in playing sicbo, you need to clearly understand what this game is. This is a traditional game of the country of billions of people China with many different names such as shaky, shaky, shaky, and dice. How to playing sicbo is very simple, players need to predict the total score of the dice to determine the winner or loser.

Nowadays, with the strong development of the internet, players can experience Sicbo online via mobile devices. The game began to develop strongly in Asia, then spread across continents and became the most popular game today.

Instructions for simple experience when playing sicbo

Following the content of experience in playing sicbo, we will guide readers on how to play the sicbo game effectively. Possessing simple gameplay and high winning probability, the game attracts the love and experience of many players.


According to experience playing sicbo, this game uses all 3 6-sided dice, also known as dice. One stone will have 6 sides with numbers from 01 to 06. The number of points calculated will correspond to the dots on the dice.

Sicbo betting table

Each different bookmaker will have a different sicbo betting table. This table will display information about betting options, bonus return rate after each bet and minimum bet amount. Players need to read this information carefully before betting at each different bookmaker.

Top tips for playing sicbo that are sure to win from experts

Top tips for playing sicbo that are sure to win from experts
Top tips for playing sicbo that are sure to win from experts

For those who are passionate about betting, they will understand that the win rate of the sicbo game is very low. However, no matter how much you play, you still lose, so you should refer to the following skills to hone your experience playing good sicbo. At the same time, build for yourself effective strategies to play sicbo and win big.

Experience playing sicbo – Tips for playing long distance

This tip for playing sicbo is very suitable for those who have little capital and do not dare to spend much money. Players who apply this method will minimize the possibility of losing bets. This way of playing helps players increase their bets slowly until they are 90% sure of winning.

Experience in playing sicbo relies on judgmental thinking

The online sicbo game does not depend much on luck but requires players to have tactics and critical thinking. Suppose with a 1-number bet, the player chooses number 2 out of 3 dice, then there is one 2 and two 3s, the player has won this game.

For bet number 3, the player will choose the three numbers that will appear above. However, this rate is extremely rare. If you don’t want to take risks, you absolutely should not choose this betting method.

In betting on number 2, experience from sicbo players shows that the pairs of numbers 2, 4, 6 are the three pairs of numbers with the highest probability of appearing. Players can apply this strategy in the game if they find it appropriate.

Sweepstakes are not

The experience of playing this sicbo depends on the amount of capital you have. This content requires players to be bold, which means either you lose your capital or the house loses your bonus. Be a smart player and alert enough to manage the above amount of money well.

When you bet 100,000 VND and lose, next time you should immediately bet 200,000 VND. Only then can you get back the capital you lost. Because if you win, you will get back the capital of the previous two hands. On the contrary, if you lose, you will lose all the money from 2 bets. This method will be successful if you place small to medium bets.

Choose the right bet type

Depending on each different bookmaker, there will be different betting options. Therefore, players need to learn and choose the most suitable bet for themselves. Each door will have different regulations regarding the minimum bet amount and winning rate. 

One important thing you need to remember is that the higher the payout, the lower the odds of winning. The player who spends money boldly and dares to play will win big. Therefore, if you are a new player who is just starting to learn about the game of sicbo and do not have much experience, you should bet at a low level.

Quick calculation and meticulous observation

To play effectively and win big, players must know how to observe and have quick calculations. Good data analysis and sharp logical thinking will help you make accurate betting decisions without being swayed by any factors.

Know how to stop betting at the right time to minimize loss

Know how to stop betting at the right time to minimize loss
Know how to stop betting at the right time to minimize loss

When participating in betting, if you lose continuously, the possibility of winning and recovering your capital is very low. At that time, you need to be alert and stop playing at the right time. Because losing too much will make you mentally unstable, not calm and lead to wrong analysis, affecting the final betting decision.

As a smart player, you need to know how to stop playing at the right time when you lose a lot of bets to stabilize your psychology. This is a tip passed down by experienced sicbo players to new players participating in betting for the first time.


Above is all the detailed information about effective experience playing sicbo for bettors who are confused and looking for suitable playing strategies. Hopefully the above sharing will bring players new knowledge and resounding victories. Don’t forget to follow casino at 188jili to be updated with the latest articles about sicbo games.

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